MADISON, Wis. – Representative Dave Murphy (R-Greenville) joined many of his Assembly colleagues to pass August 2017 Special Session Assembly Bill 1, the Foxconn bill, on a bipartisan vote.

Murphy issued the following statement about his vote:

“After careful consideration and involvement in amending the original proposal, I have decided this is an opportunity that Wisconsin is wise to secure.

“High-tech screens aren’t going away, and they will certainly evolve with time. At Waukesha County Technical College I experienced Foxconn hologram technology firsthand. Foxconn is an innovator and one of the largest businesses in the world. They won’t let a ten billion dollar investment in our state become obsolete as technology naturally advances.

“Colleges across Wisconsin are already cooperating to equip students for these careers. As chair of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, I’ve personally heard from enthusiastic, supportive leaders at UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System campuses and they are ready to create more engineers, managers, computer scientists, and skilled workers in the emerging field of mechatronics. Partnerships between campuses like UW–Fox Valley and UW–Platteville or Gateway Tech and UW–Milwaukee will ensure that students will have the skills needed for careers at an advanced, highly automated facility.

“The Foxconn project and the support systems it will create around transportation, housing, food supply, and entertainment will offer countless opportunities for our college graduates for decades to come. Instead of looking for higher paying jobs in places like Minnesota and California, people will now have the choice of raising a family in beautiful Wisconsin with a solid career. The demand for highly skilled employees will empower Wisconsin graduates to negotiate for nationally competitive salaries right here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin workers deserve more than just jobs, they deserve these careers.

“Foxconn’s unprecedented American investment will attract businesses, skilled workers, and innovative ideas to make Wisconsin an epicenter of high tech manufacturing unrivaled in North America. I support this legislation, not because it will increase tax dollars, but because it will increase family dollars.”

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