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Madison – Assembly Bill 372 passed the State Assembly unanimously today which transfers ownership of White Mound County Park from the state to Sauk County. The bill, authored by Representative Todd Novak and Senator Howard Marklein will now head to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

In 1965, Sauk County purchased this land with the intent to develop it into what is known today as White Mound County Park. At the time, the county did not have a parks department to develop the property resulting in its sale to the state for $25,000.

Since this time, the county constructed a dam on the property and has been responsible for its maintenance. Additionally, the county has been responsible for the upkeep of the park and has made significant investments to enhance the campground area.

“Transferring ownership of this property back to the county stands to benefit both the land and the people that use it,” Novak said. “Once the transaction is complete, the county will be able to make improvements on its own accord.”

Sauk County has scheduled additional improvements to the park including a multi-use pavilion. AB 372 will allow these projects to proceed without unnecessary approval by the state.

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