Contact: Rep. Todd Novak
(608) 266-7502

MADISON – Rep. Novak (Dodgeville) voted against AB 499, a bill intended to replace the current law regarding sulfide mining, and reform the process the DNR uses to review applications.

“Southwest Wisconsin has a strong mining history and there is no doubt that this industry helps to provide jobs to rural areas of our state,” said Novak. “However, we must weigh the costs associated with rewriting the approval process.”

The proposed legislation is intended to replace Wisconsin’s current “Prove It First” law, designed to be a safeguard to waterways surrounding a sulfide mine. Implemented decades ago, this law has been effective in preventing unwanted pollution of our groundwater.

“Put simply, there is too much uncertainty with regards to how this bill will affect our groundwater and wetlands,” added Novak.

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