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Madison… Funding for Wisconsin’s Dementia Care Specialists Program was approved by the Joint Committee on Finance today. The request, put forward by State Representative Todd Novak (Dodgeville), fully funds 19 Dementia Care Specialists in 2017-18 and expands the program to 24 Dementia Care Specialists in 2018-19. These specialists are tasked with supporting individuals living with dementia.

“This program has a proven record of success,” said Novak. “As more people are diagnosed with dementia, the demand for these services will only continue to grow.”

Dementia Care Specialists also provide support to the families of those living with dementia. This allows for the individual to remain at home for a longer period of time and avoid expensive institutional care. In addition, these workers organize events where people can gather and stay involved in their communities.

“It’s necessary to take a holistic approach when caring for these individuals and I believe the Dementia Care Specialist program has done this very well,” said Novak. “A lot of people will benefit from this.”

Following this action by the Joint Committee on Finance, the state budget will go before the legislature for passage.

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