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Madison- State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette) released the following statement regarding a motion in the state budget to provide additional funds to support a half-time Special Prosecutor to assist the Marinette County District Attorney’s office for two years:

“I am proud to provide increased funding in the state budget for a part-time Special Prosecutor for Marinette County to help support newly appointed District Attorney Deshea Morrow. The funding would effectively make the current part-time position, full-time for two years. Last June, Marinette County DA Alan Brey quit, arguing that he had too little resources to do his publically-elected position. The backlog of cases facing the Marinette County DA office is a direct result of mismanagement and political grandstanding. Perhaps if former DA Brey had spent more time addressing his backlog, and less time giving interviews portraying the situation as worse than it really was, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

“The taxpayers of Marinette County deserve to have an effective and efficient DA and I am extremely confident that District Attorney Morrow will be able to do just that. Her first-hand knowledge of the situation will be invaluable as we begin to improve upon the current situation.

“I know the District Attorney’s office will have the leadership, expertise and resources to protect the citizens and taxpayers of Marinette County. I look forward to having a positive and effective force in the Marinette County DA office and am confident that DA Morrow will provide that.”

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