Contact: Rep. John Nygren, (888) 534-0089

Madison – On Thursday, Representative Nygren (R-Marinette) released the following statement regarding UW-Madison Chancellor Blank’s recent transfer proposal:

“Today, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank announced a proposal to change agreements with certain two-year colleges across the state to allow first generation students with high academic performance to transfer into the flagship institution and benefit from a 1-year break in tuition.

“I admire the initiative being taken at UW-Madison to encourage students to pursue a bachelor’s degree while prioritizing the affordability of higher education. However, cost is only one barrier to higher education. While the chancellor’s plan states there will be changes made to transfer requirements, these changes remain unknown. We need to ensure that changes to transfer requirements don’t limit prospective students’ access to higher education.

“In this day and age when college debt is inevitable for the majority of students, we need to prioritize college affordability in our state. That said, I’ll have to see more details, specifically regarding the change in admittance requirements, before I fully commit to supporting the chancellor’s transfer proposal.”

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