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Madison – On Wednesday, Representative Nygren (R-Marinette) released the following statement on special session bills’ public hearings:

“Today, the Assembly Health Committee and the Assembly Judiciary Committee held public hearings on 6 of 11 special session bills aimed at fighting opioid abuse and addiction in our state. Thank you to the chairmen of these committees, Representative Joe Sanfelippo and Representative Jim Ott, for holding these important hearings.”

The proposals heard in the Assembly Health Committee were SSAB 4 which requires a prescription for Schedule V medications containing codeine, SSAB 7 which expands graduate medical education in addiction specialties, SSAB 8 which expands opioid treatment programs in underserved areas, and SSAB 9 which creates a consultation service to help doctors across the state treat addiction.

The proposals heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee were SSAB 3 which expands our current 911 Good Samaritan law to protect the person experiencing an overdose, and SSAB 5which allows for the emergency detention of an individual who suffers from addiction and is a danger to his/herself or others.

“These bills will go a long way to continue our fight against the opioid epidemic. The proposals are not the silver bullet — there is much more to be done. That said, I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the legislature, the Attorney General, law enforcement, the medical community, and recovery advocates statewide on initiatives that will further combat drug abuse and addiction in Wisconsin.”

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