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KENOSHA – Earlier this morning in a taped interview with “CBS This Morning”, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he doesn’t want to work with Democrats to get health care legislation passed and ‘the worst thing’ would be for President Trump to work with Democrats to find a way to improve our nation’s healthcare system. Representative Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha) issued the following response:

“Speaker Ryan’s unwillingness to even consider working with Democrats on one of the most important issues facing our community and our nation is outrageous. Perhaps he is embarrassed after failing to get the votes to pass his own healthcare bill. But he shouldn’t be worried about whether a good idea comes from a Democrat or Republican. He should be focused on improving access to quality, affordable healthcare for his constituents regardless of which political party someone belongs to. Working with Democrats is not the problem. Increasing access to healthcare is. I hope Speaker Ryan readjusts his priorities, because his constituents deserve better.”

Rep. Ohnstad serve as ranking member on the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy, as well as serving on the Assembly Committee on Labor, Assembly Committee on Workforce Development, Assembly Committee on Ways and Means, Assembly Committee on Tourism, and Assembly Committee on State Affairs.

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