MADISON – Representative Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha) issued the following statement in response to Governor Scott Walker’s 2017 State Budget address:

“One thing is clear from this budget: Governor Walker is running for re-election and he knows the people of Wisconsin aren’t buying what he’s been selling the last six years. After inflicting serious damage for six long years onto our public schools, our technical colleges, the UW System, our outdoor spaces, and, sadly, many Wisconsin families themselves, Gov. Walker knows the public has caught on to his mean-spirited policies and political giveaways. With this budget, Gov. Walker is hoping the public will forget about his disastrous record. But Wisconsinites are smarter than that.”

“What Wisconsin needs is a budget which prioritizes struggling public schools. A budget which comprehensively addresses Wisconsin’s run-down roads and highways. A budget which gets rid of the offensive tax giveaways Gov. Walker has given to the wealthiest in Wisconsin. A budget which provides real, meaningful support for Wisconsin’s seniors, disabled individuals, and hardworking families who are struggling to get by. I’m disappointed to see Governor Walker’s budget does none of those things. At first glance, this is a budget grounded in political ambition. In the coming weeks, I will be reviewing the budget’s fine print to identify and understand the hidden proposals Governor Walker didn’t mention tonight. History has shown there is always more to one of Governor Walker’s budgets than meets the eye.”

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