MADISON, WI – Since 2011, Governor Scott Walker has cut $1 billion from K-12 education and has yet to make our neighborhood public schools whole. In the past six years, he has consistently prioritized tax breaks for the wealthy and has diverted public school funds to unaccountable voucher programs.

“Schools all over the state are challenged with educating more kids with a level of resources that are not yet back to 2010-11 levels,” said Rep. Pope. “Governor Walker’s priorities are quite clear, as he has taken six years to appease millionaire donors before attempting to help schools in any way. Now he wants to take credit for trying to fix a problem that he created.”

Over 600,000 people voted to raise their own property taxes last year through referenda. An overwhelming majority of those referenda were in rural school districts and sought simply to cover operating costs.

“It is ironic that Governor Walker boasts about saving people a few bucks in property taxes when they have to turn around and raise their own taxes just to keep the lights on in their community schools,” said Rep. Pope. “Citizens of Wisconsin deeply value their public schools and are committed to making sure that our kids have great educational opportunities, but this commitment should not have to come directly out of their pockets. Wisconsin deserves better.”

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