Contact: Rep. Treig E. Pronschinske
(608) 266-7015
Madison – Today, Representative Treig Pronschinske (Mondovi) testified in support of Assembly Bill (AB 654) which would require dispatcher assisted bystander CPR training.

The bill was authored by Rep. Pronschinske, along with Senator Jerry Petrowski (Marathon), in an effort to ensure that anyone in Wisconsin who dials 911 will receive dispatcher assisted CPR instructions if needed. This bill would require that a Public Service Answering Point, known as PSAP either have dispatchers trained to give telephone CPR instructions, or transfer the call to another PSAP who can.

This bill provides funding for PSAPs to train their dispatchers to give telephone CPR instructions. There are already many PSAPs giving telephone CPR instructions, this bill will help to fill in the gaps and meet the expectation of Wisconsinites, that when they call 911 they will receive this life saving instruction.

“In rural Wisconsin, this is particularly crucial as minutes really do matter when response times are greater,” Pronschinske said. “As a volunteer fireman, I have arrived at scenes where CPR was already being administered before emergency medical services had arrived, and I know that it increased the chances of survival.”

The next step in the passage process is for the bill to be voted on in an executive session.
Pronschinske said he is optimistic that this bill will make it out of committee.

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