(MADISON) – Today, Representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) introduced legislation to encourage and support sober housing in Wisconsin. Sober housing facilities provide drug- and alcohol-free environments for persons recovering from addiction and co-occurring mental illness.

“We need a comprehensive approach to addressing addiction in Wisconsin. Housing instability presents one of the most significant barriers to recovery and sustained sobriety, and this legislation helps to address access to safe, affordable housing to give people the opportunity to recover,” Rep. Sargent said.

Rep. Sargent’s legislation provides a statutory definition for “sober living residences” to help provide clarity and guidance for entities seeking to establish a sober housing facility. The bill also requires the Department of Health Services to expand and develop sober housing facilities by creating a revolving loan fund, and establishing grants to ensure the facilities’ quality control and oversight.

“So many people are affected by addiction in Wisconsin, whether someone is in recovery themselves, currently working to overcome addiction, or cares about someone who’s a recovering addict. At a time when our state is facing a serious addiction epidemic, especially as it relates to opiates and heroin, the demand for sober housing has never been higher.

“This legislation is a low-cost, common sense way to help address addiction in Wisconsin, and I look forward to this legislation receiving bipartisan support in this legislative session.”

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