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Assembly Republicans introduce package of legislation aimed at combatting homelessness

MADISON – Today, State Representative Patrick Snyder (Schofield) introduced legislation that will increase access to housing grants for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

“One of the main goals I had coming into office was to work on putting forth public policy that aims at combatting homelessness,” said Snyder. “This legislation, along with the three bills introduced by my Assembly Republican colleagues, will work collaboratively to move individuals from streets into homes.”

Snyder’s bill directs the state to better utilize existing funding to assist those facing homelessness. Additionally, the bill eliminates the requirement that housing cost grants have to be split according to a rigid formula between Milwaukee, other metro areas, and the remainder of the state. By changing these statutes, state assistance will be easier to access in places where there is the greatest need.

“Although this is just the beginning, I am optimistic about the work we are doing to address this long-standing challenge.”

Rep. Snyder’s bill was introduced as a part of a legislative package that has received support from a number of advocacy groups and service providers from around the state, as well as Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. The package emphasizes giving Wisconsinites the tools they need to move towards independence and self-sustainability.

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