Madison…Today, State Representative Patrick Snyder (Schofield) testified in front of the Assembly Committee on Health on behalf of his first piece of legislation, Right to Try.

“It was truly an honor to testify in front of my colleagues and committee members today. I want to thank Chairman Sanfelippo for holding a public hearing on AB 69 and listening to the personal stories of those who have been affected by a terminal illness.”

AB 69, or Right to Try, gives people with a terminal illness access to investigational drug or treatment options that are not yet available on pharmacy shelves. These options have passed the basic safety testing performed by the FDA, but are still undergoing the rigorous and time-consuming approval process.

“People with a terminal illness do not have the luxury of waiting for these drugs to make it to the market. This is an optional process a patient can go through with his/her doctor in order to streamline access to these potentially life-saving treatment options,” said Snyder. “These patients are already fighting for their lives, why should they have to fight the government to be given access to these drugs and treatment options too?”

Right to Try legislation has been enacted in 33 states in just under 3 years. AB 69 has gained overwhelming bipartisan support throughout both chambers in the Wisconsin Legislature.

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