Madison – On Thursday the Wisconsin State Assembly voted to pass two bills authored by Representative John Spiros (R-Marshfield).

Assembly Bill 314 will allow someone to possess and hunt with a loaded firearm, crossbow, or bow from a stationery vehicle as long as they are on a part of the vehicle or piece of equipment that is elevated from the ground or the rest of the vehicle. Currently individuals with disabilities are able to do this with specialized permits, but others aren’t. This bill will benefit older individuals and those with mobility issues who aren’t classified as disabled.

“So many people in our state enjoy hunting, but the process of climbing a deer stand can be really challenging or dangerous for some,” Rep. Spiros said. “This bill is meant to give everyone the opportunity to hunt safely.”

Senate Bill 248 will designate ginseng as the state herb of Wisconsin. Ginseng is an herb used for medicinal purposes. It is primarily found in China, but is also heavily produced in Wisconsin. Wisconsin accounts for 95% of the ginseng production in the United States, with most of it being produced in Marathon County. There are approximately 180 small to medium businesses in Wisconsin involved in ginseng production, and DATCP reports the industry generates up to $20 million annually in gross income statewide.

“Ginseng is a treasure in our state known nationally for its exceptional quality,” said Rep. Spiros. “I’m proud to be shining a spotlight on it and on those who work hard in our state toward the production of ginseng.”

Assembly Bill 314 will be taken up in the Senate before being presented to the Governor for his signature. Senate Bill 248 has already passed on the Senate floor and will therefore be sent directly to the Governor.

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