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Madison— A bill that would call for the closing of Green Bay Correctional Institution and the
construction of a new facility in the Brown County area will receive a public hearing in the
Assembly Corrections Committee this week. State Representative David Steffen (R-Howard)
authored the proposal in response to the significant cost and capacity concerns currently plaguing the 119-year old facility.

“I am incredibly excited to see this proposal continue to gain support. I look forward to the
opportunity at a public hearing to further discuss the benefits this proposal provides to my
community and the entire state. As capacity and cost concerns continue to increase at the Green Bay Correctional Institution it is time we take a definitive, cost-effective approach to addressing the situation,” said Rep. Steffen.

The bill establishes a public/private partnership in which the state would operate and staff the
facility, which would be privately constructed and owned. This model allows for significant
savings of taxpayer dollars attributed to reduced capital and operational costs.

“Tomorrow’s hearing is an opportunity to speak to my colleagues not only about all of the issues currently facing GBCI, but of a thoughtful, and cost-effective solution to addressing those issues. The residents of Wisconsin are counting on us to develop and implement solutions to the overcrowding and maintenance issues at the 119-year old maximum security facility in Allouez. This public hearing is an important step in the right direction,” said Rep. Steffen.

The Assembly Committee on Corrections will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, May 16, 2017
at 10:00AM in room 415 Northwest in the state capitol building.

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