Contact: Rep. Amanda Stuck
March 24, 2017 608-266-3070

MADISON – State Representative Amanda Stuck stands with residents of the 8th Congressional District and calls on Congressman Mike Gallagher to vote against the Ryan/Trump debacle of a healthcare plan.

“The healthcare plan put forward by Speaker Ryan and approved by President Trump is anything but affordable, with healthcare costs projected to skyrocket in Wisconsin and with more than 49,000 residents in the 8th Congressional district to lose their healthcare coverage by 2026.”

“Despite what I am sure are many calls in opposition to the “Ryancare” plan from residents across northeast Wisconsin, my Congressman, Mike Gallagher won’t even tell the press how he intends to vote on the bill.”

“I hope that Congressman Gallagher will have the backbone to stand with his constituents in opposition to this terrible legislation which will hurt our country, our state, and northeast Wisconsin.”

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