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MADISON – Earlier today, the Assembly GOP released their plan to “solve” Wisconsin’s transportation crisis.  Instead of fixing Wisconsin’s roads, which are some of the worst in the country, their plan gives more tax breaks to the wealthy.

Notable provisions of the transportation plan include inexplicably both increasing and decreasing gas taxes, and more income tax giveaways for the rich who have already benefitted mightily under Republicans control of Wisconsin government.

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“The GOP thinks that all of the problems our state and hard-working Wisconsin families face can be cured with more tax giveaways to wealthy donors and big corporations. Want to increase job growth? Steal the working people’s money by slashing taxes for multi-millionaires and the GOP’s corporate donors.  Now, when communities all over this state have roads that are falling apart, the GOP refuses to act without yet again slashing income tax rates nearly in half for Wisconsin’s most wealthy.

“Hard working Wisconsinites are having to work one, two or maybe three jobs just to get by, while my GOP colleagues are giving out public money hand over fist to their rich friends.  The flat tax scheme they have cooked up leaves most Wisconsinites in the dust and only solidifies the alarming trend of Wisconsin’s low and middle income families paying a greater percentage of their income in state and local taxes that the most wealthy.  How is that fair?  The people deserve better than another GOP scheme that only benefits those at the top.”

National rankings over the last decade have indicated Wisconsin has some of the worst roads in the country.  Even the Wisconsin Department of Transportation found that Wisconsin roads got worse from 2010-2015.  Since Republicans have been in control, they have refused to come up with a fair, long-term transportation solution.  Wisconsin communities will continue to suffer under the GOP’s latest scheme.


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