Contact: Rep. Chris Taylor

Madison, Wisconsin – Today, Assembly Republicans rejected Assembly Democrats efforts to ensure that the public can access the Foxconn contract, calling for the contract to be publicly posted on the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC) website. The Walker-championed Foxconn deal promises up to $3 billion in taxpayer money to the foreign corporation. Currently, only WEDC Board members have seen the contract. The WEDC Board will vote on the contract in a closed session on Wednesday, November 8th.  In response, Rep. Taylor (D-Madison) issued the following statement:

“The Foxconn deal is the largest taxpayer giveaway by a state to a foreign corporation in our country’s history.  Given that $3 billion dollars in Wisconsinites’ money is being pledged by Governor Walker and legislative Republicans to this foreign corporation with a track record of worker abuses and environmental contamination, the public deserves to see the exact terms of this scheme.  That is what our Democratic resolution proposed. Instead, in a sign of how toxic this scheme is, Republican legislators voted to leave the public in the dark and Governor Walker has stopped talking about this scam.  Today, once again, Republican leaders sided with their big corporate buddies instead of the people of this state.”

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