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People of Wisconsin won’t be fooled by bad deal that needs thorough vetting

MADISON – In their latest scheme, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans turned up the full-court press this week to try and pull the wool over Wisconsinite’s eyes. Cooked up behind closed doors by President Trump, Governor Walker and the Taiwanese corporation, Foxconn, Wisconsin taxpayers will be asked to write a $3 billion check for a shady deal that allows outsourcing and doesn’t require hiring Wisconsin workers.

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“Make no mistake about it, this Foxconn scheme, long on promises and short on details, is about getting Governor Walker re-elected. I can’t tell who is actually quarterbacking the strategy – his campaign or his Madison office. The facts are simple – Wisconsin taxpayers may be required to write a $3 billion check to a Taiwanese corporation without any promises to hire Wisconsin workers, without an environmental assessment on our water or wetlands, and without serious, meaningful oversight. Meanwhile, our K-12 schools struggle to keep the lights on and our streets look like something out of the third world. All of adds up to a bad deal for the people of Wisconsin.

“The big price tag and potential harmful ramifications of this scheme for the people of our state should cause legislative leaders to slow down and not ram this through at the speed of light. The people of our state deserve better.”

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