Low and middle income individual and families mostly left behind

MADISON – While America slept, the United States Senate Republicans passed at least a trillion dollar tax giveaway plan that guts benefits for middle income individuals to pay for tax cuts for wealthy people like President Trump and big corporations. In response, Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) issued the following statement:

“Your average hard working Wisconsinite will see little benefit from the tax giveaway scheme pushed through in the wee hours on Saturday morning by the GOP-controlled U.S. Senate. With desperate, hand-written scribbled notes in the margins needed in the last moments to get the bill passed, interests of the average Wisconsinite were pushed aside in favor of tax breaks for the most wealthy. The only thing economists agreed on regarding the bill was that it will allow the federal deficit to increase by at least $1 trillion dollars.

“You can bet that in order to pay for these tax giveaways, important programs that hard-working Wisconsin low and middle income workers, families, students and seniors depend on will get cut, such as Social security and Medicare. Congressional Republicans have taken a page from Wisconsin Republican’s playbook by taking money from low and middle income workers in order to increase big corporate profits. We’ve seen here in Wisconsin what happens when you give the overwhelming majority of tax benefits to the wealthy – the result is a low growth economy with stagnant low and middle income wages.  The Republican have once again shown who they care about – and it isn’t the people of the state of Wisconsin.”

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