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Rep. Chris Taylor, 608-266-5342

MADISON- After the tragic mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rep. Taylor issued the following statement:

“My prayers and thoughts are with the individuals, friends, and families impacted by the horrific and tragic slaughter of over 50 people in Las Vegas, and the hundreds more who were injured. Grief alone, however, is not enough to prevent these horrible acts of violence from reoccurring. Other countries have shown that these massacres, which have sadly become a routine part of American life, are far from inevitable. Rather, they are the result of our repeated inaction or outright refusal as policy makers to act to make it more difficult for weapons to get into the hands of dangerous people.

We need not resign ourselves to this fate. I call on my legislative colleagues to not just hope and pray this doesn’t happen again. Now is the time to act to make our communities, our children, and every individual safe.”

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