Madison, Wisconsin – State Representative Leon Young (D-Milwaukee) The American Health Care Act has passed the House of Representatives and will soon be in the U.S. Senate. Our health care is not safe and the fight is not over yet. We can’t trust Governor Walker or Republicans in Washington to do what is right for all American citizens. What they are doing is dishonest. Its giveaways to the rich at the expense of the rest of us.

Among other things, currently 852,000 Wisconsinites have pre-existing conditions. Without protections in state law, thousands of Wisconsin residents could lose access to health care, see their premiums skyrocket and end up buried in medical debt when lifetime limits kick in. This is unacceptable.

Democrats have offered a package of bills that that would A) Prohibit lifetime annual limits. B) Prohibit pre-existing condition exclusion and rate setting based on pre-existing conditions C) Coverage of certain essential health benefits. D) Ensure family planning providers are covered via state reimbursements.

We need access to affordable health care for all. The current GOP health care bill would be a disaster for Wisconsinites and the American people.

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