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MADISON – State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement on the 2017-2019 Wisconsin State Budget:

“Republican lawmakers have consistently championed less government and more local control. However, they believe de-funding the streetcar is in Milwaukee’s best interest. They believe it is our constituents’ best interests to eliminate the authority of local government to provide the premium payment for health and life insurance for an employee’s domestic partner and dependent children. In other words, they do not practice what they preach.

“While Republicans tie one arm around our back by continuing to take away our local control, they are tying the other arm by delaying a major component of what spurs Milwaukee’s economy: transportation. Under the Republican budget, the north leg of the zoo interchange along with the section of I-94, between the Zoo and Marquette interchanges, will be delayed. As Milwaukee generates the biggest share of Wisconsin’s GDP and as transportation infrastructure is vital to economic development, delaying these highway projects delays Wisconsin’s economy.

“Lastly, Wisconsin deserves its fair share of state shared revenue. Republicans have no problem shining light on every violent act that happens in Milwaukee while they choke off Milwaukee’s access to more public safety funding. Milwaukee schools continue to struggle to make ends meet as this budget doesn’t come close to recovering the losses incurred in the last six years. Instead, Republicans pivot and transfer the burden to Milwaukee homeowners; the same people who subsidize Republicans’ districts through the shared revenue program.”

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