Contact: Mitch Brey

Madison — Madison’s Common Council votes on a resolution Tuesday night to approve a goal of reaching 100% renewable energy. The resolution has received strong support from city alders and citizens as every committee leading up to this final vote has approved it unanimously.

Madison began reviewing its climate goals after the city passed an energy work plan in 2016. The energy work plan was spurred by an unpopular fixed fee hike from Madison Gas and Electric Company.

The resolution resolves to:

  • Establish community-wide energy and carbon goals of 100% renewable energy and net-zero carbon emissions.
  • Have city staff develop a plan for Madison city operations that will include target dates for reaching these goals, interim milestones, budget estimates, and estimated financial impacts.
  • Provide a $250,000 budget for third-party expertise to help city staff develop the plan by January 2018.
  • Have city staff report to Common Council on the progress of the plan starting January 2019 and annually thereafter.

“Clean energy is a clear win for the environment and the economy, and Madison has a chance to show leadership in pursuing this critical opportunity,” said Mitch Brey, Campaign Director with RePower Madison.

“This plan for Madison’s future should support increased community involvement in energy planning and make Madison a national leader in clean energy while also fostering economic development,” said Nancy Korda, Co-Chair with RePower Madison.

About RePower Madison: RePower Madison was organized by citizens who want Madison to be a national leader in clean energy with fair & affordable energy bills.

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