Rep. John Macco, (608) 266-0485
Rep. David Steffen, (608) 266-5840      

Madison…Green Bay Representatives John Macco (R – Ledgeview) and David Steffen (R – Green Bay) urge the Green Bay Common Council to adopt the Shipyard proposal as passed by the Green Bay Redevelopment Authority.

“This is a game changer,” said Rep. Steffen. “This deal brings amenities that will attract millennials, entrepreneurs and businesses to the downtown area without putting taxpayers on the hook.”

The Shipyard is a nearly $21 million proposal that will include a sports venue, waterfront improvements, a concert hall, restaurant and neighborhood investments. The deal will be voted on by the Green Bay Common Council on Tuesday this week.

“This deal is a shining example of what makes Green Bay a significant city,” said Rep. Macco. “Here we have governments, private businesses, and the community coming together to bring a development that will continue to strengthen the sports tourism and recreation community we have in our area.

The Downtown and Broadway districts have experienced a massive redevelopment in the past 20 years due to forward-thinking leadership and partnership from the business and government communities.

“A Government that governs closest to the people governs best,” continued Rep. Macco. “Today Rep. Steffen and I call on the great men and women serving on the Green Bay Common Council to vote in favor of this project and continue to move our great city forward!”

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