Wisconsin’s businesses climate is stronger than ever thanks to GOP Governor Scott Walker’s pro-jobs leadership. In its annual rankings of America’s best states for business, Chief Executive Magazine gave Wisconsin its first ever top 10 ranking, jumping 31 spots since 2010, and crediting Governor Walker’s push to promote business-friendly policies and strengthen manufacturing. Under Governor Walker, not only is Wisconsin’s unemployment rate at a 17-year low, but the state continues to attract more businesses than ever, creating real results for all its citizens.

Chief Executive Magazine reports on Wisconsin’s progress under Governor Walker:

“Wisconsin’s rise into the top 10 of Chief Executive’s ‘2017 Best States for Business’ has been the steadiest ascension in the rankings over the past five years—and one of the most deliberate.

Since Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2010, he has pushed and deployed a laundry list of business-friendly policies in large part to persuade CEOs that Wisconsin would be a great place to site or expand their facilities and companies.

Wisconsin has climbed the list to No. 10 this year from No. 41 in 2010, to No. 24 in 2011, to No. 20 in 2012, to No. 17 in 2013, to No. 14 in 2014, to No. 12 in 2015, and to No. 11 last year. And after the addition of thousands of jobs over that span, Wisconsin’s rate of workforce participation is nearly 69 percent, putting it in America’s top 10 states—and at an all-time high for the Badger State.

‘He’s done a tremendous job of communicating to the world that Wisconsin is open for business,’ Anthony Pratt, CEO of Pratt Industries, which recently decided to place a new box-manufacturing plant in Beloit, Wis., told Chief Executive. ‘And on a macro level he’s done a great job of bringing down costs in Wisconsin.’”

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