The Wisconsin Democrat gubernatorial primary election is starting to get ugly as candidates desperately try to prove who is the most extreme, far-left choice for primary voters. After Tony Evers became the latest addition to the Wisconsin Democrats’ field of unserious candidates for governor, his primary rival Dana Wachs’ campaign manager put out a statement in which he blasted other Democrats in the race, implying Evers and Andy Gronik to be “Madison liberals.” Evers pushed back by giving himself a different label, saying he is a “Plymouth Progressive.”

Left with a weak bench of third and fourth choice candidates after top-tier recruit Ron Kind passed on running for governor, Wisconsin Democrats now appear to be headed for an ugly and divisive primary between lower-tier candidates desperate to prove who is the most radical left-wing option.

The CapTimes reports:

“’I’m a Plymouth progressive, I’m not a Madison liberal,’ he said. ‘I’ve lived outside the Madison bubble for most of my life. I was born and raised in Plymouth’…

Host Mike Gousha noted that recently, an aide to Wachs referred to a candidate as a ‘Madison liberal,’ although he did not name Evers specifically. Wachs himself distanced himself from the identity as a ‘Madison liberal’ in a recent interview.

‘Madison lectures to people. We need to listen to people,’ said Wachs, who described himself as ‘a different kind of Democrat.’

Responding to Gousha’s statement about the aide, Evers said he ‘was a little disappointed in the Wachs comments, because I think it was a slap also on Mary Burke and Tom Barrett,’ two former candidates for Wisconsin governor.”

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