Contact: Rose Marie LaBarbera

The Republican Party of Clark County meeting in Caucus on Monday, February 6 at Gini’s 10-K Whine and Dine re-elected the Executive Committee officers for a two-year term. Serving as Chairman will be Dave Johansson; Vice-Chairman, Bill Elmhorst; Secretary, Rose LaBarbara; and Treasurer, Sandra Luedeke. Also, elected to serve as Members at Large were Gini Johansson, Robert LaBarbara, Gary Liechtman, Lisa Nelson, and Pam Travis. Delegates were also nominated for the 7th Congressional District and State Conventions, April 1 and May 12, 13, and 14 respectively.

Also, present at the Caucus was State Representative Bob Kulp, who initiated a living discussion on issues before the State Legislature and platform resolutions the RPCC members would like to see on their docket. Excitement was generated when the speaker for the Lincoln Day Dinner to be held at the Loyal American Legion on Sunday, March 5 was announced as Peter Meechum, the Wisconsin Campaign Director for Donald Trump, who will enlighten attendees on Trump’s victorious Presidential campaign in Wisconsin. Reservations for the dinner may be made by calling 715-743-6367.

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