Rohn W. Bishop
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Waupun-Dan Kohl, the super rich nephew of former Senator Herb Kohl, announced on Wednesday that he’s moving back to Wisconsin to challenge Congressman Glenn Grothman in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District. Kohl, following a defeat for a Milwaukee area Assembly seat in 2008, moved into Washington’s Swamp where he lobbied for a Pro-Palestine group – J Street.”

“Wisconsin Democrats are in such disarray that they feel the need to parachute in a Washington insider-Dan Kohl- who is closer to Nancy Pelosi than the hard-working people of Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District,” said Rohn Bishop, Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County. “Kohl claims he’s running to champion more bi-partisanship, but he’s contributed to Gwen Moore in the past, and she just told Republicans to ‘Go To Hell!’”

Bishop was referring to a sign Rep. Gwen Moore held up at this weekend’s Democrat Convention that read “Republicans….Go To Hell”

“Someone should ask Kohl if he agrees with Moore, that Republicans should go to hell”, said Bishop.


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