[Madison, WI] — At the WisPolitics.com Luncheon on Thursday, out-of-touch con artist Andy Gronik’s evolution on the Foxconn Technology Group deal – which plans to bring 13,000 family-sustaining jobs to Wisconsin – was on full display.
Listen to it all unfold here.
Unbelievably, over the course of the event, Gronik’s position on the topic evolved from:
“…of course you’re going to do that,”
to, 8 minutes later:  “…not enough information,”
to, 30 minutes later, “If I had to vote today, it would be no.”
Gronik has grounded his campaign in vague platitudes and empty ideas, and it’s long overdue that he finally be honest with Wisconsin. His evolution and sudden opposition to family-sustaining jobs shows that voters can’t trust him.
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