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[Madison, WI] — A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story highlighted the severe dysfunction of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, run by gubernatorial wannabe and Madison bureaucrat Tony Evers. Asked about the error under the weak leadership of Evers, the agency acknowledged that it does not know what percent of students graduated high school in four years in 2016. As a department spokesperson said “we don’t know.”
You read that right: Tony Evers and the Department of Public Instruction don’t know what percent of students graduated high school in four years in 2016. 
“Maybe instead of running for Governor, Madison bureaucrat Tony Evers should focus on cleaning up the department he supposedly runs,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “The amateurism and complete lack of leadership by Evers show just how poorly he’d lead the state. While Governor Walker returned authority to taxpayers, Tony Evers and his weak leadership would return power to liberal special interests and big government dysfunction.”
Read excerpts from the story below or online here.
Who graduated high school in 2016? Wisconsin education agency isn’t sure after data bungle
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Erin Richards
August 2, 2017
What percent of Wisconsin students graduated high school in four years in 2016?
The Department of Public Instruction isn’t totally sure.
 And now, wrong information is locked into the department’s public-facing online data portal, state officials said Wednesday.
“It could be up or it could be down, and we don’t know,” said Tom McCarthy, DPI spokesman.
Read the full story online here.
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