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[Madison, WI]— As a week of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court Justice Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch wrap up, Senator Tammy Baldwin continues with her hypocritical opposition towards the nominee.  Despite having pressed for the confirmation of a ninth Supreme Court Justice as recently as last year, she now sees fit to block President Trump’s Nominee to fill the Supreme Court.
Check Out Senator Baldwin vs. Senator Baldwin:
On Judge Gorsuch’s Nomination
  • What Senator Baldwin Said: Immediately after his nomination, Senator Baldwin expressed concern about Judge Gorsuch but had not declared a position, promising that she would “do my job to fully review Judge Gorsuch’s record” and that she looked forward to meeting him.  She said she would evaluate whether he will protect Americans’ constitutional rights as she gave “fair consideration to this nomination.”
  • What Senator Baldwin Did: Just two days later – without time to review his record, meet with him, submit questions, or otherwise explore his judicial philosophy or positions more deeply – she told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she would oppose Judge Gorsuch.
On Judicial Vacancies
  • What Senator Baldwin Said: She once said in an interview: “It is disrespectful to the president, disrespectful to the Constitution and disrespectful to the American people who deserve a full and functioning Supreme Court, not an empty seat on the highest court in the land.”
  • What Senator Baldwin Did: But for President Donald Trump’s Nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, Senator Baldwin announced her opposition less than 48 hours after his nomination.
On the Record of the Nominee
  • What Senator Baldwin Said: She called Judge Gorsuch’s record “deeply troubling.”
  • What Senator Baldwin Did: She supported Judge Merrick Garland, even though Judge Gorsuch’s qualifications are nearly identical.  Both graduated from Harvard, both served on the US Court of appeals, both were easily confirmed to their posts – Judge Gorsuch with no recorded opposition.
When it comes time to vote on Judge Gorsuch’s nomination, which Senator Baldwin will Wisconsin see?
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