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[Madison, WI]—Yesterday, Senator Tammy Baldwin announced her support for a government takeover of healthcare rather than offering real solutions to the failure of Obamacare.  While hard-working Wisconsin families are struggling with skyrocketing premiums, Senator Baldwin is offering only more government control and burdensome spending.
“While Obamacare continues to hurt hard-working Wisconsin families, Senator Baldwin’s solution is even more government-run health care. Instead of fighting for Wisconsinites, Senator Baldwin wants to burden them with even more out-of-control spending and government control on behalf of the Washington special interests.”
Fact on Senator Baldwin’s Support on a Government Takeover of Health Care:
  • Senator Bernie Sanders has indicated that he would soon introduce legislation to create government-run health care.[1]
  • Senator Baldwin told reporters on Thursday that “I’ll look at the bill when it comes in, but I anticipate I will (support it).”[2]
  • A Tax Policy Center analysis conducted last year determined that the cost of similar plan from Senator Sander’s would cost over $32 trillion.[3]
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