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[Madison, WI]— Foxconn Technology Group’s investment will transform Wisconsin’s economy. Thanks to the reforms of Governor Scott Walker and legislative leaders, Wisconsin is working and winning, and our state can continue moving forward with a bright future for hard-working families.
Check out what they’re saying about Foxconn transforming Wisconsin’s economy.
From an editorial in the Chicago Tribune: The final reason Foxconn picked Wisconsin over Illinois is the difference-maker: government cooperation and competence. The Journal Sentinel wrote that Gou believed “the responsiveness of the public and private partners in Wisconsin far exceeded those of other states.”
From an editorial  in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: When Gov. Scott Walker argues a new Foxconn plant will be “transformative” to the state’s economy, the Epic example is what he may have in mind. Luring the Taiwanese technology giant to southeastern Wisconsin could have ripple effects throughout the area, modernizing the state’s culture and reputation in the same way Epic has done for south central Wisconsin.
From an editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal: Wisconsin needs Foxconn for what it will add directly to the state economy and for what it will do to spark entrepreneurial activity over time. Those effects won’t show up on a spreadsheet right away, but expect the long-term benefits to reach far beyond the official job estimates and tax revenue costs.
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