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[Madison, WI]—Over the last week, Governor Scott Walker and Republican leaders joined hard-working Wisconsin families in celebrating our freedoms. At parades and events across Wisconsin, Republican leaders engaged constituents and community members during the 4th of July.
Check out what they’re saying about Wisconsin Republicans celebrating Fourth of July weekend:
Governor Walker, from WSAW and WTMJ: At least 25,000 people helped celebrate the Fourth of July in Wauwatosa, Tuesday, including Governor Scott Walker.  Safety of course is always a concern, but Gov. Walker said to members of the media after the parade, fear can’t prevent him and other politicians from celebrating the holiday.
 Speaker Paul Ryan from Fox 6 News: Elie Schwartz and his dad visited Oak Creek from Maryland Tuesday. They came to watch the Brewers play ball — and they came to Oak Creek to watch the parade. “It’s very cool! I got to meet Paul Ryan — he’s very cool. Just like Maryland,” said Elie Schwartz.
 Congressman Sean Duffy on Twitter: Congressman Duffy spent the weekend at parades all across his district, talking with constituents and local elected officials, like State Representative Rob Swearingen and State Senator Tom Tiffany.
Congressman Mike Gallagher from Fox 11 News: With a quick hit and the shatter of a champagne bottle against the hull, the future USS Billings made its way into the Menominee River Saturday… U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-8th District, applauds the work being done by the ship builder, indicating it’s getting better at a lower cost and in a quicker timeline and said, “it’s an investment in our own security and I think it’s a good one to make.”
Congressman Glenn Grothman on Twitter: Congressman Grothman spent the weekend at festivals meeting with constituents throughout Wisconsin’s Sixth Congressional District.