September 29, 2017

Contact: James Wigderson

Editor, RightWisconsin


RightWisconsin Celebrates Assembly Democrats’ New Leader With Gift of Massage Towels

RightWisconsin, the first read for Wisconsin’s conservatives every day, congratulates the Democratic members of the Assembly on their choice of minority leader, state Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh. To celebrate, RightWisconsin sent each Assembly Democrat a new massage towel with a note of congratulations which they should receive in the mail September 28.

“After the tension and suspense of unanimously choosing a new leader, the Assembly Democrats could probably use some relaxation,” said James Wigderson, Editor of RightWisconsin. “What could be better than a massage?”

“We’re sure Hintz would agree and could even recommend a few places,” Wigderson said.

Hintz was the unanimous choice of Assembly Democrats after they decided to remove state Rep. Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, as minority leader. Barring a sudden change of heart by Democrats because of embarrassment or scandal, Hintz will take over as Assembly minority leader on October 1.

“We’re sure that Democrats did the very best they could to find a suitable leader,” said James Wigderson. “A role model for future legislators, young women and men, that will learn from his example.”

“They must feel f—–g dead after such thoughtful deliberations,” Wigderson said. “A massage is definitely in order.” 

RightWisconsin is looking forward to many years of Hintz leading the Democrats as the minority party in the Assembly.

“Maybe with Hintz in charge the Democrats will finally find that happy ending they’ve sought ever since the 2010 elections,” Wigderson said.


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