Contact: Jay Schroeder:  920-450-7591

I am announcing my candidacy today for Wisconsin Secretary of State. One year from today will be the retirement party.

Doug La Follette has been Secretary of State for a total of 38 years and literally ran the office in the ground. From a total of 49 employees down to 2 and a budget of $5 million down to $265,000. In fact his office is literally in the basement of the capitol.

Even Democrats over the years never reinstated his office with increased staff or a budget because of his gross incompetence.

The one thing Doug La Follette is good at is traveling the country on Wisconsin money and 5 star hotels. As he spends over $35,000 on this, it takes the money away from public education of the children of Wisconsin.

In the recent past his travels have taken him to Anchorage Alaska, Phoenix Arizona, Bismarck North Dakota, Little Rock Arkansas, Omaha Nebraska, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Eugene Oregon, Austin Texas, Rapid City South Dakota, Long Beach California and Kalispell Montana.

Goofy Doug’s Survival Handbook which he wrote, even says “that individuals should be sterilized after having two children.” It is simple and painless, he says. I guess preventing births from sterilizations will give him more money to travel around the country.

My platform will be to eliminate this useless office via statewide referendum and #retireDoug in 2018.

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