Contact: Senator Janet Bewley
(608) 266-3510

The Budget the Republican majority barely passed tonight fails Wisconsin in so many ways. Take the issue that we can all agree on – the need to fix Wisconsin’s crumbling roads. After six years and two studies that showed a clear path to deal with the Transportation crisis, this budget provides … another study and more borrowing. 6 pages of the Republican’s 18-page Transportation motion was devoted to taking away local control over quarries.

It didn’t have to be this way. My Democratic colleagues and I tried to make it better by offering amendments. They were all rejected. One of those amendments would have substantially increased spending for rural broadband. We asked for a mere three cents for every dollar they are sending across the pacific for Foxconn, but we were told no.

The bottom line is this budget increases debt, diverts tax dollars to special interests and makes Wisconsin’s challenges harder to overcome. In my book, that’s a fail.

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