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Almost three weeks late in passing the state budget, Republicans are locked behind closed
doors in secret budget negotiations. One important issue they should be addressing is
protecting Wisconsin’s very successful and popular Medicare Part D program SeniorCare.

For fifteen years SeniorCare has been run under a federal waiver and has been providing
lifesaving drugs to our seniors at a fraction of standard prescription drug costs. It is the only
such program of its kind in the nation and it saves taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.
Savings from discounts on bulk purchases of prescription drugs and rebates from drug
companies, which lowers the price of life saving prescriptions for seniors.

Governor Walker and legislative republicans have threatened to kill SeniorCare in the last
two budgets and have refused to secure a federal extension beyond 2018 for a SeniorCare
waiver. Now is the time to send an SOS to Republicans to “Save our SeniorCare.” Access to
affordable prescription drugs keeps our seniors healthier and helps prevent unnecessary and
costly hospital visits.

Contact your State Legislators now and request they immediately fight for a Federal waiver
extension for continuing SeniorCare. This life saving program is extremely important to our
most vulnerable citizens to protect them from sky rocketing prescription drug prices.

You can find out who represents you at Call your representatives and tell
them SOS — “Save our SeniorCare.”

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