Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement on the April 4thsession of the State Senate, where a bill (SB 76) is being debated on the further reducing of environmental regulations protecting the precious fresh water in our state.

“I am informed that the Senate Majority Leader may be considering cancelling the only Joint Finance Committee budget hearing in Milwaukeetomorrow if the Senate Democrats do not roll over and allow the taking away of major environmental protections for fresh water, our most precious natural resource.  Any attempt at punishing state senators standing up for their constituents who want to protect fresh water is unworthy of the Majority Leader’s office. My constituents are currently responding to a survey regarding this very issue.  I would be remiss without standing up and opposing rushing this bill through without objection.”

Senate Bill 76 would bar the Department of Natural Resources officials from reviewing the impact of high capacity wells drawing more than 100,000 gallons in a day when the wells are replaced or when the property is sold.

The bill is the latest example of gutting oversight of public waters and of large wells.

Senator Carpenter’s press releases are available for review at

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