Contact: Sen. Tim Carpenter

(MADISON) – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) today issued the following statement:

“I appreciate the position taken by both Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos that members of the WEDC Board should be allowed ample opportunity to review the language of the Foxconn contract before being asked to vote on it,” said Carpenter. “I want to say, ‘Thank you Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos.’”

“This is a tremendous victory for Wisconsin taxpayers that the two most powerful legislative leaders announced their support for greater transparency and scrutiny of the $3 billion Foxconn Contract. That’s all I’ve been asking to do.”

“Earlier this week, in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal, Senator Fitzgerald said, ‘I think they should have access. They should be allowed to examine the language and know what’s in it.’”

“Even Speaker Vos said in the same interview that ‘it’s fair to say you should be able to read it before you vote on it’ and that is the main point I’ve been trying to make.”

“I am very happy to see both Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos feel the same way. Thank you to both. Now, let’s make sure WEDC gets it right.”

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