Contact: State Senator David Craig
(608) 266-5400

Madison, WI — Today, State Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) voted NO on the 2017-19 Biennial Budget, Assembly Bill 64. He released the following statement:

“While this budget contains positive provisions like finally repealing the rest of our prevailing wage law, a reform I have long supported, it fails in its primary function – to appropriately limit the size, and thus the role, of government in our lives. As Ronald Reagan once said, ‘As government expands, liberty contracts.’ With that in mind, I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to bring forward more reforms to our agencies and the commonsense principle of zero-based budgeting that families and businesses practice every day.

“We in the legislature have an indicting audit of the DOT staring us in the face, demanding reform. While the administration has made positive steps to repair the agency, it is clear the legislature must advance aggressive reforms in that agency and others. Doing so will make government better today and set the stage for a better budget next biennium.”

Senator Craig represents the 28th Senate District which includes parts of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, and Walworth counties.

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