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Madison – With major companies knocking on Wisconsin’s door, key Senate Republicans say we must continue to make major investments in our state’s infrastructure.
On Tuesday, Senate Republicans announced their budget plan which provides more money for our schools, cut taxes, and invests in vital infrastructure.  Senator Darling says the budget keeps the mega highway projects on track.
“The Zoo Interchange and I-94 projects are crucial to our state’s economy,” Darling said, “We’ve never paid for them in cash before and our state won’t be as competitive without their completion.  We have major companies looking to invest in Wisconsin right now.  These projects can’t wait.”
The Senate Republican Budget Plan will:
  • Invest more than $600 million in K-12 education
  • Eliminate three taxes (Forestry Mill, Personal Property, Alternative Minimum)
  • Keep all three Mega road projects on track (I-94 North/South, the Zoo Interchange, I-94 East/West)
  • Cut 436 more positions than the Governor’s plan
“While other states are arguing about how high to raise taxes, Wisconsin is cutting taxes. While other states struggle to invest in schools, Wisconsin is making a $600 million investment in our schools,” Darling said, “Thanks to careful budgeting, our state is not in the mess other states are in.  I believe the proposal we outlined today will get the budget over the finish line and keep our state moving forward.”
A copy of the Senate Republican Budget Plan is available here.
Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties.
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