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Madison, Wisconsin – State Senator Dan Feyen (R- Fond du Lac) released the following statement regarding today’s senate session:

“Today, the senate took action to pass a number of bills including six that I authored. I am proud that all six of these bills received bipartisan support and carry out my mission to fight for smaller, smarter government.”

The following bills passed today:

Senate Bill 75: Allows employers to claim a non-refundable income tax credit for 25% of their contribution into an employee’s college savings account.

Senate Bill 308: Makes the third time you solicit a prostitute a felony, it is currently a misdemeanor.

Senate Bill 339: Allows individuals who previously committed a misdemeanor and are on a probation hold for no new crime access to Huber privileges if the local sheriff sees fit.

Senate Bill 407: Ensures the UW System is giving students who completed college courses in high school their due credits.

Assembly Bill 266: At the request of the State of Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board, the bill defines “full time” as six credits for the purpose of the Technical Education Scholarship, changes “satisfactory progress” to school-certified progress, re-defines the 3.0 GPA requirement, and allows a student to earn back their scholarship if the student pulls their GPA back to a 3.0 after dropping below that threshold.

Assembly Bill 345: Allows DOC to contract with counties to send inmates back to their county of origin prior to release to participate in work release programs. 

For more information regarding these bills contact or (608)266-5300.

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