“Republican leaders can’t agree on how to fix our roads, find a way to keep and attract good teachers or make good on the Governor’s promise to create 250,000 jobs, but they can agree to give a blank check to high-priced corporate lawyers to defend their rigging of our elections.

“Instead of wasting more tax dollars GOP leaders should follow the federal court order and draw new, fair maps. To do any less is an affront not just to the taxpayers but to the voters who have been denied fair elections and their true choice of representation in the State Legislature.

“Even better would be to pass Senate Bill 13 that would provide real, non-partisan redistricting reform.

“Unfortunately, it is clear from their recent actions that legislative Republicans do not care about safe roads, good public schools, Wisconsin’s workers, fair elections or the taxpayers. All they are concerned with is maintaining the unfair advantage they bought themselves with the public’s tax dollars.”

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