Democratic legislators reintroduce anti-privatization bill and announce Save Our Water Tour

MADISON, WI – Today, Senator Chris Larson and Representatives Amanda Stuck and Jonathan Brostoff, announced the reintroduction of the Save Our Water Act, which will prevent the privatization of water utilities in the state of Wisconsin.

Last session, Republican legislators pushed for a bill to allow out-of-state, for-profit companies to come into Wisconsin and buy up our public water utilities. While the bill passed the State Assembly, it never received a vote in the State Senate and did not become law. Sen. Larson and Rep. Stuck introduced anti-privatization legislation in response and are joined by Representative Brostoff in reintroducing that legislation today.

“Wisconsin drinking water belongs to all of us; it is our shared resource. Freshwater is becoming increasingly valuable, and the thirst to profit from it is growing. Clean drinking water is a basic human right, and control of our shared waters by profit seekers is undemocratic and jeopardizes our health, freedom, and prosperity. The Save Our Water Act affirms that our drinking water should not be a profit source for corporations.” – Sen. Chris Larson

“We simply cannot afford to let out-of-state companies privatize our most crucial public resource, drinking water. The privatization of drinking water in other states has led to skyrocketing rates and declining water quality for water utility customers. Everyone should agree that it is in the best interest of our state and our communities to keep water utilities owned by the public.” – Rep. Amanda Stuck

“Water is a fundamental and sacred human right, plain and simple. That right is more important than the profits of the already wealthy out-of-state shadow interest groups that are putting Wisconsin communities at risk for their own short-term gains. This bill is a clear statement of our values: The people of Wisconsin come first.” – Rep. Jonathan Brostoff

Privatized water utilities charge significantly higher rates that public utilities, provide worse service, and in some cases provide unsafe water to the communities. Wisconsin’s publicly owned utilities are owned by and responsible to their constituents, who demand fair prices, good service and safe drinking water.

Larson, Stuck, and Brostoff will follow up the reintroduction of the Save Our Water Act with listening sessions and other opportunities for public input on water issues in communities across the state. Further details will follow with dates and locations for the meetings.

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