Madison, WI – Today, Senator Larson released the following statement regarding the anticipated Foxconn announcement.

“Our neighbors care about making sure this is a good deal for everyone in Wisconsin. Any move for Foxconn to locate in Wisconsin must also fit with the spirit of our great state. We look to partner with companies that will respect our state’s shared lands and waters. We should reward companies that pay our neighbors a living wage and treat them fairly. If they expect special treatment, they need to have a long-term commitment to our state, so we know they won’t abandon Wisconsin as soon as a new enticement is dangled before them from somewhere else.

“Wisconsin leaders should not commit our citizens to corporate welfare or anything that carves out special exceptions in our laws, especially if it will unfairly hurt local businesses already in our state.

“Too many people in our state are already struggling in low-wage jobs and living in fear that any day the security of health care could be pulled out from under them. They deserve leaders who will be looking out for their future.

“It is with good reason that Wisconsinites are not willing to blindly put their faith, and money, in a feeble jobs promise. We’ve been deceived by Governor Walker’s political promises before.

“Since taking office, Walker has left us a trail of broken promises. His pattern of deception has resulted in our hard-earned tax dollars being handed over to campaign donors and companies that outsource, as well as some of the biggest tax breaks going to the richest people in the state, some of whom have used tax loopholes to avoid paying any state income tax for years.

“We demand a return to basic fairness, and that’s what we’ll be looking for in this deal.”

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