MADISON – State Senator Roger Roth (R—Appleton) released the following statement after Governor Walker delivered the 2017 Executive Budget Address:


“I applaud Governor Walker for introducing a budget that continues to reduce the tax burden on the middle-class, significantly invests in K-12 education, and makes the government more accountable to taxpayers.


“Every Wisconsinite deserves the opportunity to prosper. Whether it’s working in a family supporting career, starting a new business, reentering the workforce or raising a family, this budget provides reforms to help people on their path to success.


“The 2017 budget is built on a foundation of responsible and honest budgeting that has been the hallmark of Republicans since 2010. Tough decisions have resulted in the flexibility to make investments to take care of our most vulnerable, increased educational opportunities and lower taxes for hardworking Wisconsinites.


“Governor Walker’s address marks the first step in this year’s budget process. I’m excited to work with the citizens of the 19thSenate District and my colleagues in the State Capitol to continue making our state a great place to live, work and raise a family.”









Matt Henkel

Chief of Staff

Senate President Roger Roth

Room 220 South, State Capitol
(608) 266-0718


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