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MADISON, WI – Senate Bill 600 which would eliminate protections for over one million acres of wetlands in Wisconsin and could lead to increased flooding and compromise water quality, received a public hearing in the Senate today. Days after a public hearing was held for proposals to roll back air quality protections, SB 600 is the latest example of Republicans prioritizing corporate profits over citizens’ access to clean air, water and land.

“After back-to-back summers of severe flooding across the state, removing these vital protections is the last thing communities need,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “The Republican agenda to roll back environmental protections is having a detrimental impact on our communities, jeopardizing public health and threatening our way of life in Wisconsin. For our children and grandchildren to enjoy the same opportunities we have, we need to safeguard their access to clean water, land and air and prevent special interests from taking unfair advantage of our environment.”

Wisconsin had record levels of rain in the first half of 2017 and 11 counties experienced heavy flooding that led to damaged roads, contaminated groundwater, and communities left without power.

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